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Nov 29, 2009 6:30pm EST
with the best deals of the year, they come with the best coverage in america. you snooze you lose. hey! i'll take it! let the chevy red tag event begin. now during the chevy red tag event, get 0 percent see red and save green. now at your local chevy dealer. >> a manhunt is underway for a gunman who ambushed four policeman in seattle. the embassy officers while a or a coffee house. no one else was hurt. no one is sure of the gunman had an accomplice. >> we have lost people we care about and people i'm sure that the good people in the community care about as well. we are working to find out who did this as rapidly as possible and deal with them. >> investigators say the officers were targeted but they do not know what led to the shooting. it's going to be a potal week for a 8-year-old war in afghanistan. present law will unveil its strategy during a prime-time address at the u.s. military academy in new york on tuesday. he is likely to announce at least 30,000 more troops fled to afghanistan. coming up, today's mild temperatures will not stick around for long. we are tracking the latest co
Nov 1, 2009 6:30pm EST
in america's future - working to create an internet that's smart, mobile and safe. last year at&t invested more than any other company in the u.s. and we're continuing to invest this year, to expand and enhance our wireless and wired networks. we support a national plan that ensures high speed internet access and enables adoption by all americans, over the next five years. adoption by all americans, over the next five years. the future is our business. at&t. your world delivered. >> we all know this was a bi- week for the redskins. the undefeated denver broncos coming to baltimore to take on the ravens. the reagans came to play. start of the second half -- ravens up 6-0. right of the middle -- touchdown, ravens, 95 yards. up 13-0. the broncos comeback and drive down to the one and get a touchdown. the offense for the ravens -- over the middle -- raven's go on to win big and not denver out of the ranks of the undefeated. denver comes here in two weeks for a big divisional matchups -- where is the past -- a 54-yard touchdown. another truck runs to the middle of the giants' defense. touchdown
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2